Start to Finish CCTV Services in Croydon

When you want to move a step on from secure doors and strong locks, consider Carter's Locksmiths for installing CCTV surveillance in Croydon. Options include new installations suited for home and commercial environments. Servicing, maintenance and repairs of your existing CCTV system are also available.

Choosing Your CCTV System in Croydon

Whether installed at a home or office, the very sight of close circuit TV cameras can be enough to convince would-be thieves to find an easier target. Recent improvements in closed circuit camera resolution mean that CCTV imagery can be used as evidence of identification for criminal proceedings.

There’s no doubt that installing CCTV reduces the risk of you being a victim of crime. The toughest decision may be deciding what sort of system to install. That’s something your Carter's Locksmiths CCTV specialist will be happy to advise you on. Ask them about:

Small installations, a couple of cameras at your home – Or large systems to cover inside and out of a large shop, factory or office. Those commercial grade systems go well with access control systems, providing a maximum level of efficiency and security.

Integrated systems – Movement sensitive cameras that sent an alert to your phone or computer if someone is on the premises out of expected hours

Night vision cameras – Or high definition, wide angle, auto zoom, pan tilt zoom or other features that fit your specific needs

Use Us for New Installations, Upgrades or Emergency Repairs

  • If your existing CCTV system in Croydon fails, use our 24/7 support line to book emergency repairs
  • Book a consultation with a security expert to make sure you get the features you need, without paying for things you don’t
  • Any cameras supplied by us will be from a reputable manufacturer and will be fully guaranteed
  • Book installation only or add maintenance or monitoring services if you need them
  • Consultations or fitting work can be booked for any day of the week

The People Who’ll Support Your CCTV Installations from Carter's Locksmiths

Your CCTV in Croydon will be installed, maintained and repaired by specialists in video and electronic surveillance. In this fast-changing field, you can be sure you’ll always be offered the most up-to-date and cost effective solutions.

And of course, your CCTV consultants are as carefully selected as the rest of the team. So the person who comes to you will be a reference vetted individual and their work will be completed under insurance and backed by a guarantee.